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ASBME is an undergraduate biomedical engineering student organization run by students and serves the undergraduate engineering student body through academic, social, and corporate events. Students gain clarity of their chosen field of study and the opportunities that being a BME major brings. Students are also able to get a foot in the corporate door at the annual ASBME corporate luncheon, attended by USC alumni as well as other corporate representatives.

Membership is open to any registered student at the University of Southern California who is currently majoring in biomedical engineering (BME), biomedical-biochemical engineering (BMEC), biomedical-mechanical engineering (BMME), biomedical-electrical engineering (BMEE), or any other related field. Undergraduates and grad students can join ASBME.

Membership rates are as follows:

  • $15 per semester
  • $25 for 2 semesters (1 school year)
  • Active status requires that dues be paid in full.
    Payments made by check should be made out to ASBME.

    Dues may be mailed or delivered with membership application form, or may be delivered to the Secretary, Treasurer or to the BME Front office in DRB 140. This year only, a nifty BME t-shirt is included with the $25 membership!

    Dues go toward the ASBME treasury and are budgeted for activities and events held throughout the year, including meetings, field trips, and the annual Corporate Luncheon.

    ASBME's active calendar runs during the Fall and Spring Semesters (September to May). ASBME board elections are run in mid to late February. A dues-paying member of ASBME is said to have active status, the benefits of which include:

  • Voting rights in the annual elections of ASBME officers
  • Privilege to hold executive office in ASBME
  • The opportunity to join in members-only events and functions, such as Movie Nights and Knott's Scary Farm
  • Priority registration for the limited-entry annual Corporate Luncheon
  • And with the year-round membership--a trendy BME t-shirt!
  • BMES

    ASBME is affiliated with the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES). BMES membership is
    open to any undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Engineering or a related field.
    Student memberships are limited to a term of five years without verification of student status.

    *Students may choose to be members of ASBME and/or BMES. If students choose to
    be members of both organizations, ASBME will subsidize $10 of the $30 BMES Student Membership



    ASBM Application
    BMES Application
    *A copy of the completed application is required to be submitted to ASBME in order to receive the $10 discount.

    Please print and complete the application forms and return with the relavant dues to:

    ASBME University of Southern California
    1042 Downey Way
    Denney Research Building (DRB) 140
    Los Angeles, CA 90089

    Applications can also be dropped off in DRB 140 or brought to one of the club's General Meetings

    2007 The Associated Students of Biomedical Engineering.
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