How to Vote
Please review the list of candidates below for each available position. You may click on the candidate's name below or use the "Candidates" link on the left to get more information about each candidate.

Please select one candidate from each category and submit your vote to using your USC email before Midnight, Friday night 4/18/2008

Please Note: Only Active ASBME members may submit an eligible vote.

1) Please include your USC ID# for membership verification.

2) If you see a number with a parenthesis next to a person's name, that means the person is running for more than one position and that's the order of which he/she wants to be considered. Please vote for a person in only 1 position (for example if someone is running for Treasurer and Sophomore Representative, then vote for that person for either of the positions, not both!).

If the above 2 conditions are not met, your vote(s) will be voided and will not count towards the ASBME voting process.

3) If you do not want to vote for anyone running in a particular position, you may write "Abstain" for that category.

Natasha Naik

Sapha Shah

Sheylan Patel (1)

Tripti Gupta (1)
Samuel Lin (2)

Chair of Corporate Affairs
Samuel Lin (1)
aDJ Strouse (2)

Chair of Student Affairs
DJ Strouse (1)
William Wu (1)

Freshman Representative
None (Nominations are made during the first week of class)

Sophomore Representative
Samuel Lin (3)
Sarah Jie-Hye Park
Tripti Gupta (2)

Junior Representative
Sheylan Patel (1)
aDJ Strouse (3)

Senior Representative
William Wu (2)
aMercedes Perez

aNone (if you are interested in running please email


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