Mhair Zeitounian


“To be Armenian is to be born with the cause to fight quietly but firmly. It is the richness found in the delicious cuisine, the ancient history behind our alphabet, and the natural love to keep it all alive and strong. To be Armenian is to be different in every aspect while nestled in a pool of foreign indifference.

As president of the ASA, I plan on incorporating my social and managerial abilities in order to host a myriad of events. Whether social, professional, or cultural, these events will bind the Armenian students of USC closer together, and will enlighten those who are not Armenian about our beautiful culture.”

Vice President

Hakob Saribekyam



Roza Petrosyan

"To carry and further the rich culture and history of an ancient people, to love everything Armenian whether negative or positive and to incorporate and proudly bear an Armenian identity at all times is to be Armenian".

Social Chair


Azniv Khararjian


"When I think of the question, “What does it mean to be Armenian?”, the first word that comes to my mind is ‘home’. I like the fact that wherever I meet an Armenian I get the feeling as though I have known them my whole life, as though they are a part of my family. To be an Armenian in a diaspora with many different nationalities allows me to become more in tune with my individuality. Through our history I learned how to attain strength, through our alphabet I have learned language, and through our tradition I am a part of a culture."


Social Chair

Christine Ovanesian


"What do I like about being Armenian? Simply Everything. I love the food, the culture, the history, the stories, the strength, the ability for 2 Armenian people to connect anywhere around the world and have an immediate bond, and most importantly, the traditions. It is amazing to be apart of such a wonderful race, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Fight on!"


Culture Chair

Barsegh Barseghian


Public Relations Chair

Lucy Panossian



Liya Vanyan

"To be Armenian for me it means to be a part of an ancient history and culture.  As a valuable representative of my nation, I consider my responsibility and obligation to maintain Armenian traditions and customs in foreign countries, such as United States.  I truly believe that each of us should have his or her input in strengthening Armenian Diaspora around the world."

AGA Representative

Amy Demirchyan


AEO Representative

Tigran Koushinian

What makes YOU Armenian?