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Getting To Saintes
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  • Arriving in France
  • From Paris to Saintes
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Arriving in France
You will be arriving at Aeroport Roissy-Charles du Gaulle (CDG) most likely in the morning or early afternoon.

From CDG one has a couple of options to get to Paris:
Air France shuttle: best option to get to Gare Monparnasse to get to Saintes. Take bus #4
Others go to other destinations in Paris

Roissybus: Takes you the l’Opera

RER: train that gets you into the Metro system: requires stairs.

From Paris to Saintes: One must depart from Gare Montparnasse if taking the TGV Rapide towards Saintes. The TGV takes you only as far as Angouleme, another option is via Niort. Either way you switch to a local train that takes you to Saintes. Check for schedule information or when you get to the train station look for a little schedule/pamphlet “Paris-Royan” this one will have the scheduled times to Saintes. Also look out for “Paris-la Rochelle” I think this may also show trains to Saintes. I recommend the route via Angouleme or Niort as shown on the “Paris-Royan” schedule, it’s a bit less travel time.

If you’re not familiar with the train system:
Purchase your tickets from the Billeterie you can ask for Saintes and show them on the schedule which train you want or ask for the TGV rapide.

The platform is not listed until about 20 minutes prior to departure
On your ticket look for the train number (e.g. TGV 6124) this is what you must look for on the departures board. The departure times and final destination of the train are also listed.

Go to the platform listed. On the ticket you will also see voit (for voiture, car) look for the correct car and find your place. You may have to walk a bit to find your car. Sometimes two trains are linked on the same platform, make sure that you get on the correct train, as sometimes the two will quietly part at some station along the way to go to separate destinations. The trains do leave on time. If you’re running late just get on before departure time and find your car later.

Changing trains generally trains will stop at an intermediate station only very briefly, check your watch for the scheduled arrival time and get your stuff ready before you arrive.
When you get off look for the board that lists platforms and find your train number and platform, sometimes you are given only a few minutes for the change.

In Saintes you will be about a 15-20 minute walk to the Centre d’Etude d’Architecture et d’Urbanisme (CEAU) the address is 16 Rue Charles Dangibeaud, Saintes 17100
Some Phone #’s

Gerald Knowles (director of CEAU): 05 46 74 95 84
Studio (students should pick up): 05 46 93 26 35

school of architecture home

contact france program coordinator is the source for the following maps. I’ve edited them to show paths.

Follow the route shown. The two paths show a quicker way and one that goes along the pedestrian street

this is zoomed into the center of town



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