USC Study Abroad Program in France
Centre d'Etude d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme
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The Saintes Program is operated from the Centre d'Etude d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme (CEAU), a research and teaching facility in Saintes, France. Founded in the Spring of 1990, by Dean Robert Timme, the Saintes Program offers students the opportunity to expand their architectural education through the study of design and culture in France and other European cities.

The city of Saintes has provided a 5800 square foot building in the historical medieval section of the city for the program. The facilities include housing for students and faculty, kitchen and dining area, studio workspace as well as a model shop, library, computer center, and garden. The Sarah Campbell Blaffer gallery is an important part of the partnership with the local community and is used for displaying student and faculty work and other exhibits and projects. Through hosting art openings, attending events by the local supporters of the program, and local field trips, the students have an extraordinary opportunity to engage the French people, their culture and lifestyle.

The program has a direct collegial relationship with the city of Saintes, the office of the Mayor, and the City Council. Through the financial assistance of the city, the program is highly cost-efficient and the close ties with city officials provide students with easy access to key people and projects.



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