I am currently a fourth year PhD candidate at the University of Southern California working in† Dr. Stephen Croninís lab. I joined Viterbi School of Engineering at USC in 2011 as a Viterbi Scholar. During my PhD studies, I worked at the Center for Energy Nanoscience (CEN) as a researcher focusing on the characterization of GaAs nanostructures (nanowires and nanosheets). Other research topics that I have worked on include the surface enhancement of III-V semiconductors for water splitting applications, the tuning the optical behavior of 2D materials and structural of 2D materials for thermoelectric applications. I am a Ming Hsieh Institute Scholar at USC and vice president of the USC chapter of the Materials Research Society.


Prior to joining USC, I received MSs at UC Riverside in Electrical Engineering (EE) and Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) where I was co-advised by Prof. Lake and Prof. Kisalius. My EE MS research was focused on leakage power optimization in CMOS logic circuits through threshold and supply voltage control. My MSE thesis was a hybrid of density functional theory calculations and wet chemical synthesis of doped-TiO2 nanostructures.


I am quite interested in the entrepreneurial body of Southern California. I received a graduate certificate in technology commercialization from Marshall School of business at USC and interned for Tech Coast Angels (TCA), both of which gave me a great opportunity to learn about the evolving startup ecosystem of Silicon Beach. This exposure encouraged me to initiate the MHI Seminars Series as an introduction to entrepreneurship with the aid of my MHI fellows.




Shermin Arab

Email: shermin.arab@usc.edu