APX was founded in 1914 when architecture students from the University of Michigan and the University of Illinois combined forces to create a national organization that would further their professional education. Today, APX has over 30 chapters nationwide. Every year, members from each chapter come together for a national conventional to discuss various aspects of the fraternity.
Currently, the Andronicus chapter has 25 active members that range from first to fifth year students. We are a group of dedicated individuals interested in architecture and its related fields. The Andronicus chapter has a strong relationship with the School of Architecture, allowing members to create lasting bonds with the faculty and administration. We are also partnered with local Los Angeles companies such as Roark LA.
The APX Andronicus house is on the fraternity row north of campus, located at 715 W. 28th Street. The house was built in 1896 and has been used by our fraternity for almost 50 years. In that time, it has become the hub of our fraternal activities, providing a place for active members to live, work, and socialize. It is also equipped with a woodshop and an architecture library containing a wide variety of books and publications.
Alpha Rho Chi hosts a variety of professional events throughout the year including a student-faculty dinner every semester. These dinners are a great opportunity for students to connect with professors in a more relaxed environment and get to know them on a more personal level. Many professors have become regulars and greatly look forward to the event.
The Andronicus chapter also regularly participates in competitive events like Design Village (pictured above). Brothers also participate in the annual Relay For Life and, just recently, joined thousands of others in the "We Run the City" 5K benefiting the Special Olympics. In addition to traditional philanthropy events, APX members also volunteer their time at the School of Architecture. We help the freshman class adjust as much as possible and provide coffee and doughnuts during final project charrettes. We also hold tutoring sessions on the various required computer programs, both in conjunction with the school and privately at the house.

We are a group of dedicated students who are passionate about art and architecture. But more than that...
we are a family.