Ankita Bajaj
Phone: 213-880-2366
Masters Student in Computer Science
University of Southern California


1) Operating System development in Nachos Using C,C++
Designed and implemented Carl Jr Restaurant algorithms for kernel tasks like Thread Synchronization primitives, Mutual Exclusion (local and distributed), Threads and Process Management, System calls, Memory management, Virtual memory.
Implemented distributed Carl Jr Restaurant networking using RPCs and full redundancy between multiple Networking Threads to handle various clients

2)Computer Networks related: Fall 2010
Analyzed DHCP and SSL protocols using Wireshark Protocol Analyzer.
Simulation and examining the performance of Ethernet network under different scenarios using Opnet.
Design and implementation of a query system for books in a number of libraries over TCP and UDP Sockets in client-server architecture using Unix Socket programming.

3)Implemented Efficient Image Restoration Algorithm
Project aim to conduct techniques DFT, DCT, FFT, HADAMARD and HAAR on real images taking account of all parameters like contrast ratio, average value with cut, energy compaction etc on Matlab.