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About Us

AMSA is a student-governed, student-led organization representing the concerns of future health care professionals. Founded in 1950, AMSA has over 30,000 members internationally - including more than 2,400 pre-medical students. AMSA provides a forum for pre-medical students to meet and work with health care professionals and leaders, examine health care policy, and promote the service-oriented nature of medicine through volunteerism and philanthropy.

AMSA USC incorporates all the goals of the national chapter, but also embraces the aspirations of those pursuing other pre-health paths. We've expanded our efforts to include all types of pre-health students so that we can present a better picture of the many choices a career in health offers. We try to provide an atmosphere that fosters better students and better future health professionals through peer mentorship, community outreach, and education that falls beyond the scope of the classroom. With support from our national office, AMSA USC sponsors educational programs, brings interesting speakers to campus, and is building a research and volunteer databank for our members to use to broaden their academic and extracurricular experience.
We hope that you'll find AMSA as rewarding as so many others have. Join AMSA - not only to meet people who are reaching for similar dreams, but also to help yourself understand why you decided to pursue a career in health.

What are the benefits?

The New Physician As a member, you will receive a subscription to this award-winning magazine that critically examines many aspects of medicine, health policy, and medical education through its news and in-depth features. Many of the issues discussed in The New Physician are asked in medical school interviews!

Discounts and Special Offers to AMSA National Members

Each new member receives information regarding a variety of exclusive offers for a wide range of products and services. AMSA members also get special discounts on premedical textbooks and MCAT Review books.

Standing Committees

AMSA's five standing committees (Advocacy, Community & Public Health, Global Health Action, Medical Education, and Health Policy/Legislative Action) play a central role in planning the annual convention, developing projects, creating support networks and reaching out to diverse organizations and communities.

Why are we different?

Unlike other pre-health organizations, AMSA USC is non-selective and open to all pre-health students. We understand the difficulty of getting into medical school and other graduate health programs. AMSA's purpose is to provide a support system for those attempting to reach their goals. We welcome students who want to participate in the decision-making processes of the organization. Our goal is to incorporate all members directly into the work the officers do in coordinating projects and activities in order to help develop the leadership ability that will make you shine throughout your career. Join now and experience what it means to be in AMSA!


AMSA requires its national members to pay a $20 membership fee per year or a $65 fee for four years. As a national member, you receive all the benefits that the national chapter has to offer. You can sign up by mail or on AMSA's web site at www.amsa.org. AMSA USC requires its members to pay a $15 annual fee if they have dual membership in both the national and USC chapter. This fee is in addition to the AMSA national chapter membership dues. Those who wish to be a member of only the USC chapter are required to pay $20.

AMSA USC also offers:

  • Community outreach programs
  • Committee involvement including AIDS Education Project and HealthSCope Magazine
  • Networking opportunities with peers and faculty
  • Personal interaction with medical and other graduate healthcare students

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