Christian Alvez is graduate student in the GIST Certificate Program at the University of Southern California. With a Bachelor's Degree in Anthropology and minors in Geography and Urban and Regional Studies from the University of California Los Angeles, he recently served as Field Archaeologist and Museum Technician with the Great Basin Institute, stationed at the National Park Service Lake Mead National Recreation Area where he collected field data and processed museum collections. He has previously served as Senior Museum Preparator with the Fowler Museum at UCLA and Laboratory Technician with the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, Channel Islands Laboratory. Christian is interested in GIST applications to archaeology. During his spare time, he plays tennis and hikes with his dogs Genmai and Hanzo.

He is also an avid amateur wildlife photographer:


A Painted Lady on Exhibit
Painted Lady
Tarantula Hawk on Buckwheat
Painted Lady
Sacred Datura Unfurling
Painted Lady