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Our Resources


Conservation International


Conservation International is one of the world's leading organizations for conservation and it s ALIVE's goal to exemplify C.I.'s mission and spread it to college students around the nation.

Unbiased Writer


Started by one of ALIVE's founders, Unbiased Writer is a stylish blogspot that will keep you informed about.html important contemporary issues and ideas. The site proclaims: Unbiased Writer is not one person. It is not the words of self-indulgent writers. It is not a space for gossip, hearsay, or idle talk. It is not another contrivance of capitalism. Unbiased Writer is a reflection of the world around us. It is the expression of our thoughts, our concerns, and our ideas. It is the culmination of voices that speak for this generation. Unbiased Writer is me. Unbiased Writer is YOU. We present the facts, you make the conclusion.

Wild Entrust International


Wild Entrust International Wild Entrust International is the foundation of ALIVE's friends, scientists Tico and Lesley McNutt. For nearly 20 years, the couple has lived and worked in Botswana's Okavango Delta, a region of rich biodiversity. They have become the world's leading specialists on the African Wild Dog and are the founders of the Botswana Predator Conservation Program. In the summer of 2007, ALIVE will travel to Botswana to produce a documentary on their unique program.