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USC ALD scholarships are due in early spring semester.

Updated scholarship info will usually become available before winter break. Please keep a look out for them!
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USC ALD Opportunities

USC ALD Spring Scholarship
The ALD scholarship is awarded to USC ALD members who represent the core ALD values by excelling in academics, philanthropy, and campus leadership.

Click here to download the application form (PDF)

  • Application Deadline: To be announced

  • New Scholarship Opportunity: Beinecke Scholarship for current Juniors - USC

    The Beinecke Scholarship provides funding for current juniors (students expecting to graduate in December 2013, May 2014, or August 2014) who plan to pursue a masters or doctoral program in the arts, humanities, or social sciences. Students may combine the scholarship with additional scholarships, research grants, and assistantships. Instructions for the Beinecke application process are available at www.usc.edu/aif/fellowships.

    Contact Martha Enciso for more information @ menciso@usc.edu.

    New Opportunity for ALD members: USC Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program

    The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship is a mentoring program where fellows gain insight into an academic career by working closely with a faculty mentor on an original research project. In addition to gaining research experience, participants receive mentoring, financial support, GRE test preparation, graduate school preparatory workshops, and networking opportunities with top graduate schools in the United States.


    Interested sophomores and juniors may obtain additional information as well as the application at www.usc.edu/mmuf . Students must be committed to diversity in academia and desire a career as a college professor in a Mellon approved field. A list of Mellon Mays approved majors and minors is available at http://www.usc.edu/student-affairs/MMUF/programs_eligibility.shtml . Applications for the 2014-2015 Cohort will be available in November 2013. Interested students may contact <menciso@usc.edu> if they have any questions.

    National ALD Opportunities

    Jo Anne J. Trow Undergraduate Scholarships
    The Trow Scholarship is an award for outstanding undergraduate members of Alpha Lambda Delta - recipients receive $1,000 in their junior year! To apply for the scholarship, please follow the guideline below:

  • Application Deadline: To be announced
  • Applicants must submit the following materials:

    1. Trow Scholarship application
    2. Two letters of recommendation
    3. Current official USC transcript and transcripts from any additional colleges or universities
    4. One 250-word essay describing the value of ALD to undergraduate education (part of the application)

    A detailed guideline for application materials is printed on the first page of the scholarship application. For the application and more information about the scholarship, please click here.

    James G. Stemler Study Abroad Scholarships

    The Stemler Scholarships is an award for outstanding undergraduate members of Alpha Lambda Delta to support their study abroad programs. Each year, 10 scholarships of $1000 each are awarded!

  • Application Deadline: To be announced
  • For the application and more information about the scholarship, please click here.

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