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Did You Know?
USC ALD inducted over 900 new members for the 2011-2012 school year.

Once you join ALD, you are a member for life!

Welcome Back Members!

Congratulations to the newly invited members.

The USC ALD Website received the "Lampadia" award from the national office for outstanding website!

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National ALD
Office of College Advising
3454 Trousdale Pkwy
Room 120
Los Angeles, CA 90089

e: ald@usc.edu


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I think that I meet the criteria for membership. How do I apply?
A: Students who are eligible for membership will receive an invitation by mail or e-mail, which includes an application and further instructions for membership. Please apply only once you have received this invitation.

Q: I cannot attend the induction ceremony. Does this disqualify me for membership?
A: No. Once we have received and processed your application form and fee, you are considered a member of Alpha Lambda Delta. You may pick up your certificate and membership pin at CAS 120, care of Kris Guzman.

Q: Do I have to continue maintaining a 3.5 GPA after joining?
A: No. While ALD encourages students to strive for high academic achievement throughout their years in college, a student is considered a lifetime member of ALD once he or she is initiated. A student's membership cannot be revoked.

Q: Do I have to attend regular membership meetings?
A: Members are always welcome to attend executive board meetings and discuss issues or ideas with the officers. While attendence at these meetings is encouraged, it is not required for membership.

Q: Does Alpha Lambda Delta offer honor cords for graduating seniors?
A: Yes! They are available for sale through the National website's online store.

Q: I was a member of Alpha Lambda Delta at X University before I transferred to USC. How do I transfer my membership?
A: There is no need to transfer membership once you have been initiated as a member of ALD. You will still be eligible to participate in events and apply for grants and scholarships. If or when you apply for national awards, you will be asked when and where you became a member. However, please e-mail us at ald@usc.edu if you would like to be added to the USC ALD e-mail list.

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