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Meet the Eboard:
Each year, a new eboard is selected via a paper application and interviews.

As the eboard, we plan and put on various events for all ALD members to enjoy.

So please take a moment to look at the faces behind our wonderful events!

Welcome Back Members!

Congratulations to the newly invited members.

The USC ALD Website received the "Lampadia" award from the national office for outstanding website!

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Los Angeles, CA 90089

e: ald@usc.edu

Executive Board

Previous Eboards

Eboard (2012-2013)
President: Nicholas Zobel
Vice President: Carol Passarelli
Treasurer: Saral Jalan
Secretary: Patrick Brady
Co-Historians: Genevieve Shifke and Evangeline Ang
Academic/Social Chair: Kayla Mendel
Public Relations Chair: Samantha Goldberg
Technology Chair: Yadi Niu and Saral Jalan

Advisor: Kris Guzman / Albert Herrera

Eboard (2010-2011)
President: Adam Mateo Flores
Vice President: Katherine Lau
Treasurer: Ali Stamm
Secretary: Natalie Hartman
Co-Historians: Victoria Lee and Catherine Lee
Social Chair: James Thomas
Co-Philanthropy Chairs: Yan Ting Lye and Devin Dunn
Public Relations Chair: Jessica Carlos
Co-Technology Chairs: Yixing(Owen) Zheng and Brillante Wang

Advisor: Kris Guzman / Albert Herrera

2009-2010 Eboard
President: Arpine Sardaryan
Vice President: Tim Sae Koo
Treasurer: Wilson Kyi
Secretary: Catherine Khoo
Co-Historians: Nelly Chavez and Jocelyn Shaw
Academic Chair: Annie Wang
Social Chair: Grace Yang
Co-Philanthropy Chairs: Lauren Dawson and Estefany Zendejas
Public Relations Chair: Eunice Lee
Co-Technology Chairs: Chris Mengay and Christina Ye

2008-2009 Eboard
President: Ashley Schendel
Co-Vice Presidents: Ashlie Chan
Treasurer: Jenny Jao
Secretary: Loomee Doo
Historian: Victoria Vuong
Academic Chair: Kristin Byrne
Co-Social Chairs: Lily Huang / Marc Villain
Philanthropy: Michael Zobel
Public Relations: Samuel Choo
Co-Technology Chairs: Eric Lee / Lin Shi
Member at Large: Crystal Vine
Member at Large: Jennifer Junger

2007-2008 Eboard
President: Brenda Nuyen
Vice President: Julia Terr-Malloy
Treasurer: Catherine Kim
Secretary: Christina Chen
Historian: Benson Chan
Academic Chair: Eli Wu
Philanthropy Chair: Jaclyn Rillo
Social Chair: Inga Oganezova / Reaghan Gittin
Web Development: Pamela Mizuno
Public Relations Chair: Ritchie Chan
Member at Large: Trishya Screwvala
Advisor: Kris Guzman / Albert Herrera

2006-2007 Eboard

As requested by former eboards, we have taken down older profiles. Instead, you can find their profile photos and positions here.

President: MiRi Song
Vice President: Danielle Kinnan
Treasurer: Jekabs Sliede
Historian: Adenikke Soremekun
Academic Chair: Michael Stapleton
Social/Philanthropy Chair: Torey Van Oot
Co-Web Development: Sara Epperson / Melissa Soo Hoo
ALD Executive Board: Arthi Vellore
Advisor: Kris Guzman / Albert Herrera

2005-2006 Eboard

As requested by former eboards, we have taken down older profiles. Instead, you can find their profile photos and positions here.

President: Alexandra Molina
Vice President: Parth R. Shah
AHA Representative: Brandon Finn
Treasurer: Keira Hertz
Historian: Ruth Shao / Elizabeth Cook
Academic Chair: Jenny Yun
Philanthropy Chair: Magda Stawikowska / Rohin Deb
Social Chair: Ariana Fahrney / Rachel Jenkins
Public Relations Chair: Janet Beyan
Technology Chair: Melissa Soo Hoo / Sara Epperson

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