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Welcome Back Members!

Congratulations to the newly invited members.

The USC ALD Website received the "Lampadia" award from the national office for outstanding website!

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Our EBoard:


Jamie Kwong


About Jamie: Jamie Kwong is an International Relations (Global Business) major and hopes to use her degree to work in the public sector of the foreign policy field in the future. She is the recipient of the USC First Year Experience Award due to her active participation and leadership in Hapa SC, Society 53, the Emerging Leaders Program, Teaching International Relations Program, and of course, ALD. She looks forward to all of the great ALD events to come this year, especially all of the events with Diddy Riese cookies!

Kasey Katz

Vice President

A Word from Kasey: Iím a Social Sciences Major with an emphasis in psychology. Iím from New York, I enjoy spending time with my family (the little time I get with them), and binge-watching Netflix. I have high hopes and expectations for ALD this year; canít wait to reach them!

Sneha Annamaneni

Treasurer and Secretary

About Sneha: Sneha Annamaneni is a Biochemistry major from San Jose, California. As a pre-med student, she hopes to go on to attend medical school after completing her undergraduate education. In addition to ALD, she is a member of organizations such as Health Sciences Education Program, JEP, and Alpha Epsilon Delta. In her free time, she enjoys oil painting, reading, and watching Netflix while eating copious amounts of chocolate.

Shelby Simonich

ALD Representative

About Shelby: Shelby Simonich is a psychology major (former pre-med student, emphasis on former) from Porterville, California. She hopes to study Occupational Therapy at USC in the future. Outside of ALD, she participates in JEP, is part of the Thematic Option program, is a member of SC Outfitters, and works for the Office of University Events. Her advice for ALD students is to try your best to become a morning person.

Sofia Ong

Academic and Philanthropy Chair

About Sofia: Sofia Ong is currently a Business Administration major but is planning to switch her major to the Sol Price School of Public Policy, specifically Policy, Planning, and Development and will minor in the Marshall School of Business, probably Management Consulting. She is from Los Angeles, CA, and enjoys eating exotic, cultural foods, cooking, outdoor activities, and traveling. Besides Alpha Lambda Delta, she is also in Marshall Outreach Volunteer and Entrepreneurs (MOVE) because she enjoys community service.

Jessica Wynn

Historian and Social Chair

About Jessica: Jessica Wynn is a Psychology major from Washington, DC. She plans to become a Clinical Therapist in the future. When she isn't studying she volunteers as a tutor at the 32nd St. school with Project 32, is a delegate on the USG Community Affairs Committee, and works in the USC School of Social Work. She lives by the quote "I am better than I was, I will be better than I am" -(DS).

Shawon Huang

Public Relations Chair

A Word from Shawon: Hi, I'm Shawon! I'm currently a part of the Class of 2018, doing a progressive degree to get my Masters of Accounting. I'm currently a part of Army ROTC, Trojan Judo, the Spirit of Troy, and much more. I'm looking forward to being your public relations chair and am always looking for a way to constantly improve your overall experience in ALD and at USC! Fight on!

Blair Thoman

Technology Chair

About Blair: Blair Thoman is a student in the inaugural class of the Iovine and Young Academy at USC. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Arts, Technology, and the Business of Innovation with a focus on audio design and communications. In addition to actively participating in ALD, Blair works for the Marshall School of Business Center for Global Supply Chain Management. He enjoys music, Community, and spending time with his family and close friends. He hopes to provide all of ALD's members with unique academic and social experiences throughout the course of this year.


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