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Akshay Nataraju

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I am an outgoing and energetic young professional, seeking a career that helps me grow in the field. Being a hardworking individual, given an opportunity, I will utilize my full potential and give the best to the organization.


University of Southern California Los Angeles, CA

Master of Science in Computer Science
Graduate Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Web Technologies, Database Systems, Information retrieval and web search engines, Operating Systems

Visvesvaraya Technological University Belgaum, India

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Undergraduate Coursework: Operating Systems, Databases, Algorithms, Programming Languages, Engineering Entrepreneurship, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, Graph Theory

Technical Skills

Programming Languages

C/C++, Java, C#

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, XML, ASP.Net

RDBMS Packages

Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL


Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer Aug 2014 - Dec 2016

Capgemini (erstwhile IGATE Global Solutions Ltd, Bangalore)

    Created SQL scripts to run daily jobs, to load daily values of financial instruments, reducing manual effort.
    Scaled application’s fee generation module, to handle thousands of more accounts.
    Optimized performance of fee generation module with 2 teammates after a couple of acquisitions by client.
    Mentored and guided 2 teams, when fee generation module was employed in other applications.

Intern Jan 2014 - Apr 2014

Accure Software Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

    Led a team of 3 members, to build a web application to display results from backend tool after beautification into a graph.


Web crawling and characterization of crawl

Technologies used: Java, Crawler4j

    Configured and crawled 20,000 webpages of USAtoday using Crawler4j, multi-threaded open source web crawler
    Enhanced crawler to collect information about files successfully downloaded and URL fetch statistics

Inverted index using Hadoop

Technologies used: Google Dataproc, Hadoop, Java

    Used a collection of 3,036 English books written by 142 authors, a subset of the Project Gutenberg corpus.
    Created an inverted index indicating the wordcount and documentIDs for all words in the corpus.

Implementation of Weenix OS

Technologies used: C

    Collaborated with a team of 3 to implement kernel processes, threads, mutex and FIFO scheduler
    Implementation part of a non-preemptive, Unix based operating system called Weenix.

Multithreading token bucket emulation

Technologies used: C

    Implemented FIFO Scheduler using multithreading in single process to emulate traffic shaper.
    Used 4 different threads to perform different tasks on arriving packets.

Doubly linked circular list to store bank transactions

Technologies used: C

    Implemented doubly linked circular list in C from scratch.
    Used it to read file containing bank transactions and display after sorting.

Spatial Data Analysis: Creating, querying and visualizing query results

Technologies used: PostgreSQL, PostGIS

    Implemented convex hull, epicycloid curve for some points of interest in USC area.
    Used KML on spatial points and portrayed results on Google Earth.

Information Retrieval and Visualization

Technologies used: SQL, Google BigQuery

    Queried datasets on Google BigQuery;
    Analyzed and visualized results to derive meaningful insights.

Responsive Web Design for Facebook Search

Technologies used: AJAX, JSON, HTML, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, PHP

    Developed a responsive web page, to search for users or places, events, groups.
    Operated with facebook graph API to obtain data for search query.

Facebook Search Android App with Facebook Post (Java)

Technologies used: Java

    Built an android app to search for user/page/group/event/place on Facebook.
    Incorporated option of saving a result as favorite and retrieving it later.


Technologies used: SQL Server, ASP.Net

    Maintained MACS suite of web applications utilized for portfolio management, trading, etc.
    Overhauled functionalities, based on client requirements.
    Participated in all phases, from design to integration of different applications in MACS suite.

Analysis of Social Media through People’s Sentiments

Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

    Retrieved count of positive and negative tweets returned from a backend tool; Showed results graphically.

Awards and Extra curriculars

    An active volunteer at the Association of Indian Students, helping organize events at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles.
    Was an active member of the NGO Say-Way, aimed at providing for the underprivileged.
    Received rating of “Outstanding”, twice during my 2 year tenure at Capgemini, for my contribution to team.
    Secured a winners medal at the Tennikoit State Championship, (sub-juniors) in the doubles tournament in the year 2006.
    A National level Bronze medal at the 21st Sub-Junior National Tennikoit Championship held at Hyderabad in the year 2006.
    An A-certificate from 1 Karnataka Battalion, NCC unit, Bangalore in the year 2007.
    Attended various Wealth Management sessions and a Certified Wealth management Professional.
    Member of a four member team selected to represent UAS Campus School at National Science Congress, an event conducted by Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India.