Akanksha Tyagi


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Project Name Description Technologies
Digital Nano Bricks This is one of my favorite projects. It was aimed at helping the client hyper-personalize their offerings to millennials. We started by gathering data from different social media profiles, preprocessed it, analyzed it to learn about customer behavior. We also built a world listening engine to capture recent trends among millennials and used it to further identification of millennials on social media. I also worked on designing Support Vectore Machine to separate millennials from non-millennials. Using this module, we were able to identify 150,000 millennials. The nature of relationship between two customers and the relationship between customer and recent trends were represented using Neo4j graph.
Python Linux MapReduce Neo4j Social Media Analytics
Weenix Operating System Weenix is a linux-based operating system. Worked towards implementing kernel threads and processes along with synchronization primitives, Virtual File System, Virtual Memory System. C Linux
Multi View Image Generation The objective of this project was to generate synthetic view from a given 2D image as input. Created three models to achieve the goal, namely Autoencoder, Autoencoder with Pose, Autoencoder with adversarial Training.
Code Blog
Python Deep Learning Tensorflow
Image Classification Designed a Convolutional Neural Network to classify images present in CIFAR-10 dataset. Utilized Batch Normalization and SoftMax Cross Entropy Loss to improve the accuracy.
Python Tensorflow