Ajitesh Srivastava

PhD Candidate, Computer Science
Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering 
University of Southern California
EEB 242, 3740 McClintock Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90089-2562.


PhD Advisor – Prof. Viktor Prasanna

Research Interests – Information Diffusion, Social Networks, Data Mining.

My Erdős Number is 4. My Einstein Number is 5. Here are the paths according to AMS:


Ajitesh Srivastava




Paul Erdős


Albert Einstein











MR0166139 (29 #3417)






MR0012947 (7,87j)



Tyll Krüger


Michael D. Boshernitzan


Lee A. Rubel


Ernst Gabor Straus


At USC, I am a member of DS Lab. Please visit this page to know about our research groups.

My research involves developing computational models for diffusion processes (information cascades, memes, epidemics, fake news) in a network.

Here is a list of my publication.

I have been a Teaching Assistant for CS109: Introduction to Computing (Fall 2015, Spring 2016, and Fall 2016) and CS 570: Analysis of Algorithms (Spring 2015)

Before joining USC, I completed my B.E. (Hons) in Computer Science at BITS, Pilani, India in 2013.


Recent News:

            [April 2016] Won Target Data Science Challenge and have been awarded $10,000

[Feb 2016] Our poster “Mining Large Dense Subgraphs” has been accepted at WWW 2016 (Montreal, Canada)

[Dec 2015] Our poster “Heterogeneous Infection Rate SI model with Inter-regional Mobility” has been accepted at NetSci-X 2016 (Wroclow, Poland)

[Oct 2015] Our paper “A Hybrid Design for High Performance Large-scale Sorting on FPGA” has been accepted at ReConFig 2015

[Sep 2015] Our paper “The Unified Model of Social Influence and its Application in Influence Maximization” has been accepted in SNAM 2015 (Springer)

[June 2015] Our paper “Social Influence Computation and Maximization in Signed Networks with Competing Cascades” has been accepted in ASONAM 2015 (Paris)

[April 2015] We are one of the winners of DARPA Chikungunya Challenge and have been awarded a prize of $10,000.  We were invited to DARPA conference center in Arlington, Virginia to discuss next steps in state-of-the art infectious disease forecasting




My profile before coming to USC (2013).

This is a detailed description of my past research.


Here is a clip of one of my stand-up sets.

Here is the link to my old Youtube channel of three short comedy videos. (Warning: Multiple Bollywood references)

My Dexter (TV Show) and Batman Begins Parody.

Here is a Rap Battle between two Physicists with my voiceovers.

Here is me performing beat box.