Facebook Takeover:

I used Facebook to contest Internet etiquette and discovered that it conflicts with freedom of speech. I captured Facebook user reactions when an abnormal external force takes over the intuition and disrupts the system. I discovered that the societal standards that people are supposed to abide in everyday life are magnified over the Internet. Facebook was intended for users to customize pages infused with personal content, but many people do not depict their true selves on Facebook. Instead, these users create structured and socially acceptable versions of themselves. I decided to sacrifice my actual Facebook page that I created years ago in order to carry out this project. During this process, I never let anyone know that I was working on a project, because I wanted to receive genuine reactions from the users. I began posting statuses and pictures that challenged my identity and how others perceived me over the Internet. I went from being a “picture perfect” Facebook user to becoming a vulgar and outspoken one. My statuses incorporated stereotypes, racism, and crudeness that caused me to lose over 50 friends. It is understandable to lose Facebook friends because of my posts, but I also had family members tarnish my name even though they have known me the longest. What I found interesting was that for the span of 5 years I posted “normal” statuses and pictures, and out of nowhere I started to post outrageous content, and people actually believed that the statements I made were my true beliefs. I discovered that words carry a lot of weight especially when they are exposed over the Internet and available for the world to see 24/7. I broke all of the rules of proper Internet protocol. I am not racist, ignorant, or disrespectful, but I am Ashley.