Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering

Biographical Information

Atit Jariwala is a graduate student at University of Southern California, Los Angeles specializing in Computer Architecture and VLSI. He recevied his B.S in Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Surat in 2012, where he was awarded Bronze Medal for his academic performance. He published two research papers in IEEE Journal implementing new architecture for Image processing algorithms on Virtex-5 FPGA. During his undergrad years, he also achieved first position in Freescale Cup 2011, India organized by Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His graduate studies at USC focuses on digital system design with the emphasis on timing and power optimization of CMOS Integrated Circuits. He is also tutoring EE457 students to help them understand the concepts of Computer Architecture.

Research Interest
RTL Design, ASIC, FPGA, Computer Architecture, VLSI, Embedded Systems.

Fall 2013:
EE457: Computer System Organization under Prof. Gandhi Puvvada Contact Information:
EE477: MOS VLSI Circuit Design under Prof. Shahin Nazarian 2611 Portland Street, Apt. 110,
Los Angeles, CA 90007.
Spring 2014: Cell: 858 886 9425
EE557: Computer System Architecture under Prof. Murali Annavaram Email: | LinkedIn
EE577A: VLSI System Design I under Prof. Shahin Nazarian
EE554: Real Time Computer System under Prof. Monte Ung

Summer 2014:
EE560: Digital System Design - Tools and Techniques under Prof. Gandhi Puvvada

Fall 2014:
EE577B: VLSI System Design II under Prof. Shahin Nazarian
EE658: Diagnosis and Design of Digital Reliable Systems under Prof. Mohammad Mirza


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[2] Das, S.; Jariwala, A.; Engineer, P.; "FPGA based Stream processing for Edge and Skin detection algorithms", International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communication Technology, 3rd November 2012