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About me

My name is Meruyert. But you can call me Mika. I'm from Kazakhstan. If you don't know where it is or if you want to learn more about my country you can find the information here.

There are several reasons why I decided to study computer science:

  1. It's comparatively new field which has big future
  2. Eventhough it's new, it's widespread, so there won't be problems with finding a job
  3. Computer science changes the world and makes life easier in some ways and I want to help to change the world for good.

Lab 1.


Team members: Broland, Berry, Kyuhyunc.

Lab 2.

Using line, battery, light, IR, obstacle sensors and while, for, if statements

Link to the code

Lab 3.

Fibonacci sequence


Homework 1

1) My robot is going to sing fragments of "Besame mucho" if Battery is more than 6.1 and center light sensor value is less than 10000

2) My robot is going to draw if getLine value returns 0 and and there is no obstacle infront of it.

3) I'm sorry but I couldn't record the third part(rand) of the perfomance because the sensors of my robot worked properly only on a table, and since the table is not wide enough there were no place for robot to move. While IR sensors return 1, the robot randomly choses dancing or drawing a letter M or a curle.

Link to the code

Lab 4.

Alive, Coward, Aggressive, Love and Explorer behaviors

Link to the code

Team members: Fangli Hou, Yu An Li, Tanner Zigrang

Homework 2 The robots games

1) I was responsible for maze solving algorithm: Robot will move forward until obstacle value is less than 6000 and if there is an obstacle it moves to the left. Left turn counter equal to 1 at that moment. If there is an obstacle again, left turn counters becomes 2 and robot turns two times to the left.

In order to make one program from other 3 codes I used switch statement. Depending on users input robot performes chosen activity.

Team members: ""> Fangli Hou, Yu An Li

Link to the code

Homework 3 USAR

Link to the code and prelab anwers

Team members: "Fitz Tepper, Jon Goodheart, Candace Dechant

Homework 4 Mars rover

Link to the code and prelab anwers

Final Project Web design

Link to the code and prelab anwers

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