President:  Jill Trousdale*
Contact email:

Executive Vice President:  Kristin Mayer
Recording Secretary:  Ashley Sands
Corresponding Secretary:  Stephanie Chau
Historian:  Jenn Consalvi
Membership Education Vice President:  Sarah Bruning*
New Member Coordinator:  Shannon Snook*
Leadership Chair:  Caitlyn Stewart
Scholarship Chair:  Tiffany Stone
Guard: Shauna Newman
Live-Out Chair:  Josie Chiu
Recruitment Vice President:  Lisa Simon*
Formal Recruitment Chair:  Lauren Sumi
Philanthropy Chair:  Ellen Badger
Recruitment Information Manager:  Jenna Pedley
Alumnae Relations:  Leila Valanejad
Public Relations Chair:  Chloe Schuetz
Continuous Open Recruitment Chair:  Brittany New
Finance Vice President:  Beth Haber*
Assistant Treasurers:  Katie Lombardo
Property Manager: Stacy Zeller
Gift Mart Chair:  Debbie Liu
Director of Standards and Ethics:  Lauren Childs*
Health Chair:  Katie McGuire
Chaplain:  Emily Page
Culture Chair:  Chelsea Miller
Director of Social Enrichment:  Christine Hasircoglu*
Music Chair:  Julie Wakefield
Picture Chair:  Jennifer Huntley
Panhellenic Delegate:  Sara Glenn*
Junior Panhellenic Delegate:  Kim Ross
Sports Chair:  Nicole Landa
Special Events Chair:  Ali Hamrick
Website Chair:  Sarah Kamlet

*Members of Executive Board

National History
Executive Board
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