Aditya Arun Vaidya

Some info about me

I am currently a Masters student in Computer Science at the University of Southern California, expecting to graduate in May 2015.

My technical background is mainly in Java, Web and Android development. Most of my projects are Java based. Some of my other interests include Information Retrieval, Searching and Web-based analytics.

Current Work

I am currently a Software Engineering Intern at Demand Media, working on the eHow Community sub-domain. My primary work is in the creation of analytics and tracking dashboards, which involves querying and modeling the data present in the company's databases for analysis of business points of interest.

My other projects involve creation of features for eHow Community as part of the company's agile, fast-paced development environment. I am also involved in creation of certain e-Commerce features for eHow, and assistance in creating and bug-fixing in data pipelines.

Past Work (January - May 2014)

Employed as an Assistant Developer at the Southern California Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute. I assist the organization in their efforts to effectively distribute information.

My job duties here involve creation and deployment of new features on their website, such as RSS feeds and AJAX hover previews. I also am involved in editing and testing of new website additions, particularly cross-browser testing using Browser Stack.