Sireesh Adimadhyam  

M.S in Electrical Engineering, 2012, University of Southern California, Los Angeles


: )


My interest in VLSI circuit design and device engineering has led me to take the courses-
VLSI System Design,
Modern Solid State Devices, VLSI Computer Aided Design, Solid State Processing and Integrated Circuits Laboratory, Computer System Organization and Design and MOS VLSI Circuit Design.

I have experience in CMOS circuit and layout design using Cadence 6.0(TSMC20 and TSMC25 process) , Integrated Circuit Fabrication and parametric testing and a background in Solid State Devices. I have also worked on RTL Design using NC Verilog tool and synthesis using DC_Shell.

I am currently looking for full time entry level and internship positions in the field of
Electrical Engineering with a focus in Digital System Design and CMOS Digital VLSI Design.

I enjoy working with different ECAD tools like Cadence-Virtuoso [CMOS schematic and layout],
NCVerilog(system level abstraction), Eagle, OrCAD(component and board level), Tina-Pro(circuit simulation) and
most recently
Fritzing(PCB design).


You can e-mail me at:,

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